Virginia Peer Support Association

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                                                                                     President-Board of Directors

What is Peer Support

Peer Support occurs every day. 

People turn to people for support during times of stress. 

Peer Support can be offered by well meaning and often socially skilled and wise people who care about their fellow man. 

There are times when being well meaning is not enough to meet the need. 

Professional Peer Support is a process where a person discusses a personal issue with a trained peer support co-worker. 

The choice to seek support from a trained peer supporter is very much guided by the same reasons people seek a personal friend with whom to share their troubles, because they are trusted.

Most professionals only share problems with someone considered credible, able to listen without judgments and capable of maintaining confidentiality. 

Peer Support Professionals (PSPs) have the responsibility to understand their role and its limitations. They are trained to employ active listening skills, to avoid “solving” or taking on the person’s problems, and when appropriate make a referral. 

These referrals may be directed to a medical doctor (PCP), a financial advisor, a chaplain or a Police and Emergency Services Psychologist to name a few. 

All referrals are made to emergency service friendly providers.      ​