Virginia Peer Support Association

VAPSA Communities

                                                                ​    President-Board of Directors

                                                                                     President-Board of Directors

Participating Agencies and VAPSA Communities

These communities and the agencies recognize that their most valuable assets are there people.

Those presented here are on the cutting edge in providing for their officers physical and emotional well being.  

Albemarle County
    Albemarle County Fire Department
    Albemarle County Police Department
    City of Charlottesville Police Department

Ashland Police Department

Chesterfield County
    Chesterfield County Police
    Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office

The City of  Colonial Heights
    Colonial Heights Police Department
    Colonial Heights Fire and EMS
    Colonial Heights Sheriff's Office

The City of Fairfax Police Department

The City of Fredricksburg Police Department

The City of Hopewell
    Hopewell Police Department
    Hopewell Fire Department

Dinwiddie County Sheriff's Office

Greensville County
     Greensville County Sheriff's Office
      City of Emporia Police Department

Nottoway County
    Town of Blackstone Police Department

Prince George County
    Prince George County Police Department
    Prince George County Sheriff's Office
    Prince George County Fire & EMS

Prince William County Police

Powhatan County Sheriff's Office

Riverside Regional Jail

Southside Regional Jail

Sussex County
    Sussex Sheriff's Office